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      Executive coach, consultant and strategic sparring partner

      I am an executive coach, consultant and strategic sparring partner bringing 20 years of organizational and leadership development and own management experience to the table.

      My mission is to support effectiveness aspects from the top down. To facilitate shared vision and collaboration between individual actors and support the workings of the structure as a whole. Exploring the linkages between corporate social responsibility, strategic learning and executive development is one of my main areas of interest.

      I have accompanied young start-ups through their growth process, and supported multinational firms in strategic alignment, organizational redesign and transformation. I have created and implemented company initiatives for leadership training and serve as a one-on-one coach and sparring partner with top executives and managers. My clients describe me as relentless in generating an abundance of options, persistent in searching for clarity, creative in finding structure in chaos, and constructive in building bridges to unexpected collaborations and innovation.

      I teach and publish on the themes of group dynamics, strategy and leadership teams.

      I contribute to the programs of the Center for Social Competence of the University Of Graz, the Danube University Krems, The Wu Executive Academy and the Graduate School Of Business at Stanford, and serve as chair of the Austrian Association Of Group Dynamics And Organizational Consulting (ÖGGO).

      In serving my client needs I draw on a broad network from the worlds of business, government, NGOs, and consulting.